Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting Back to Writing

I've been a bit distracted for quite a while now, and I haven't been doing nearly as much writing as I should have been. I also haven't been doing nearly as much promoting of the work I've already finished as I should be. So, I'm giving myself a kick in the hind end and getting going.
So far my book I've finished (Born and Reborn) has only been available through Smashwords and the places it was distributed to by Smashwords. This week I have finally done the work to have it distributed through Amazon/kindle as well. My next projects for that will be making sure it is distributed through Google books as well as physical editions through CreateSpace. After that I will be trying my hand at making audio and/or video versions of reading portions of my work. I'm uncertain where or when that will be, but I will keep everyone posted through here about all of that.
Right now, however, I am working on creating a more consolidated online presence of my writing online. What little writing presence I have online is a bit scattered and intermittent. Thus, I have finally gotten rights to my own domain (right here at where I am basing my new blog that will be the hub to all of my other places I am present online.
In order to optimize this new hub for my work, I will be initially re-posting a good deal of older writing of mine in order to get it in the new location. However, I plan on having more new stuff to post soon; right now I'm reorganizing the old stuff first though.
Anyways, please bear with the initial post spam, it really is for the best; I hope.