Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oops, I kinda got lost in Star Wars land for a little bit. (Repost)

    I just noticed I haven't posted anything new here in three months now.  That is completely not cool, but a bunch of chaos has been going on in my life.  One of the most guilty perpetrators in the crime of stifling my writing however has been the MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic being released.  This game has kind of swallowed up tracts of my life.  It's just gulping them down like a nine year old gulps down gummy worms.  Instead of tooth decay and early diabetes though, it has instead brought my writing to a dead halt.

    I've still been working on ideas, jotting down tidbits, and editing larger works I had been working on.  I haven't really made any substantial progress on either of the books I'm working on, nor have I finished a single short story or even a poem since that game came out.  It really is too good of a game.  I'm going to have to watch myself to make sure I keep turning words out instead of just basking in the creations of others.

    I love Star Wars.  I've loved it as long as I can remember.  It has such beautiful imagery, symbolism, and themes.  The worlds and characters almost reach out of the screen with the movies and out of the pages with the books.  Yes, there are some places in the franchise that just make me want to take George Lucas and shake him, but the creation as a whole is astounding.  One of my favorite aspects of Star Wars is that it isn't really sci-fi, it's fantasy in space.  It has many sci-fi elements, but at it's heart it belongs more next to Tolkien than next to Asimov on the shelf.  Star Wars doesn't reach out into the "what if?" and see where it goes.  Instead it tells stories that are patchworks of ancient elemental tales; and builds a mythology to contain them out of space ships, lasers, and new age mysticism.

    One of the best traits of Star Wars though, is it's ability to grow and self sustain.  If George Lucas died tomorrow, Star Wars would continue.  That I believe is a difficult trait to imbue a creation of any type with.  That is where it becomes alive.  It has enough power and potential that it can surpass the vision of it's author.  It has the potential to keep growing.  It can go beyond a single vision, and integrate the influence of all mankind.

    I do believe it is premature to say Star Wars is a mythology of the modern age.  Myth is a creation not of one man, or even a small group.  Myth is where a story is taken and changed by the imagination of a whole society, and through that gains life of it's own.  Star Wars can not be that, yet.  I do believe it could  become true myth eventually though.  Having even the potential for that makes something great.

    I can only dream that someday my mind could help shape the seed of a story that could stand the test needed for it to live on beyond me; not just being retold, but growing.

(Originaly posted on 5/6/2012)